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    • How do I know I have a virus?

      Your machine will generally run slower and act strangely. For instance you may open a website that you are familiar with but you are taken to a entirely different site. This is know as a browser stealer. You also may not be able to get online at all. If your not having problems with your modem or internet service provider you probably have a virus or malware problem.

    • What program do you recommend for virus protection?

      For superior protection we recommend AVG Cloudcare. This is a commercial grade version that we sell for less than the personal paid version you can get online.
      At minimum use the AVG Free Edition. Be aware that (like all the other free versions) you will be regularly offered a trial version of the paid version that many times gets accidentally installed, lasts for a short time, then asks for payment to continue coverage.

      I get quite a few calls from customers saying Robert, the AVG free edition isn't free anymore.
      Answer: yes it is still free, and yes you did authorize the upgrade to the trial version :)   

    • Why do you recommend AVG Cloudcare?

      Working with hundreds of infected computers each year, we have a chance to see virtually every anti virus program in use. That gives us a chance to see which programs work, and which ones do not. Many computers come to us with other antivirus programs, considered to be "the best", which are completely up-to-date. However, when scanned with AVG, many viruses are found.

      Another issue with many of the leading anti virus programs is the drastic effect that they have on the speed of your system. Shortly after installation you will notice a significant reduction in speed. Some reduction is to be expected with any antivirus program, due to the process of scanning and monitoring your system, but often, even after removal of these programs, your system will not return to normal.

      Many viruses don't have as much of an impact on your computer's speed as some of these "top antivirus programs".

    • What Program do you recommend for Malware protection?

      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Edition

    • Malwarebytes offers a free edition, so why should I purchase the Premium version?

      Both versions can detect and remove malware infections but that's where the similarity ends. The premium version prevents the malware from entering in the first place and prevents existing malware from accessing poison websites to further degrade or infect you system.
      In short the free edition "might" fix the car after you crash it. The Premium edition prevents the crash from happening in the first place.
      Try a free 14 day trial of malwarebytes online at www.malwarebytes.org
      If you like what it does for you please see us for special deals before you buy it online.